Dictionary of Science and Technology

Dictionary of Science and Technology

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Dorian's Dictionary of Science and Technology: English-German, Second Revised Edition focuses on the compilation of terms employed in science and technology. The book first takes a look at abduction, aberration, abhesion, abating, ablation, abscission, coupling, covering, back iron, cross-breeding, clip, cleats, channel, circuit diagram, connection, conveyors, and supercharger. The manuscript then takes a look at dabbing, dacite, dactyl, daffodil, damp, earmark, earphone, ripening, current prospecting, facilities, gaff, gablet, galaxy, gale, gait, gall, and galipot. The publication ponders on haddock, Hadley quadrant, H-bomb, habitation, habituation, hemoglobin, hailstorm, hail, halation, ichnography, iceboat, oblate, oblique, electrode structure, obesity, oatmeal, dyeing, and pachyderm. The text then explores wainscoting, waist, wale, waiver, ultrafilter, ultrahigh frequency, ulocarcinoma, elongation, vaccinal fever, vaccination, vaccine, vacancy, and vacuometer. The text is a dependable source of data for researchers interested in the terms used in science and technology.AUTOAERIAL lauben, genehmigen, gestatten AUTOAERIAL-[auto] Autoantenne E” AUTOAGGLUTINATION - [Chem] Selbstkleben n ... E” AUTOCYCLE [mech] Moped n AUTODETECTOR [radio] Detektor ErNŒ AUTODYNE - [radio] (heterodyne receiving circuit in which the ... [nav] automatische Kurssteueranlage E” aquot;CUT- OUT - [el] automatische Abschaltung E”, Sicherungsautomat ErNŒ aquot;CUT-OUT VALVE [mech:anbsp;...

Title:Dictionary of Science and Technology
Author:Gerard Meurant
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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