Dice & Glory Core Rulebook

Dice & Glory Core Rulebook

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Dice and Glory is a complete, self-contained pen a paper role-playing system for those yearning for more creativity and flexibility. This book provides all the basic parts of the DaG system to craft your own unique worlds. This game system was designed to be ultimately flexible for any campaign type needing no rewrites to the core system to function in either sci-fi or high fantasy settings or in any other imaginable setting! It was also written with maximum customization of all characters in mind allowing Players almost complete freedom in customizing their own characters. It boasts a detailed but easy-to-use Combat system using its own class-like level system. A skill system that is easy to use and adapt to any situation. A unique and in depth Magic system which allows for custom Player-made spells and a skill based Psionics system that distinguishes itself from the magic system! Also there is a full chapter on constructing monsters and races for GM's.If passed then any repair skills attempted on it suffer the same negative until they are familiar with it (GMa#39;s call). ... Table 4-4: Research DCa#39;s Task DC Public Records 10 Legendary person/creature/item 15 Info on a Monster Race 15 A specificanbsp;...

Title:Dice & Glory Core Rulebook
Author:Robert Neri
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2014-08-26


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