Diary of a Father

Diary of a Father

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Connor thought hea€™d marry his longtime girlfriend, but life sometimes throws you a curveball. After a bewildering breakup, he meets Scarlett, and the two fall in love and get engaged, teaching him a valuable lesson: Sometimes the things that dona€™t happen lead to the opportunities that define your life. When the couple finds out they are pregnant with a baby girl, they are thrilled, but Connor is overwhelmed with the feelings that go along with being an expectant father. In this diary, he reveals his hopes and fears. As much as Connor loves Scarlett, when their baby Makayla is born, he discovers a love he never felt before: the love a father feels for his daughter. With a child of his own on the way--a baby boy--the author knows all about the ups and downs involved with being an expectant parent. Celebrate a whirlwind of emotions with Diary of a Father.Scarlett and I werena#39;t materialistic people by any means. She had a 2005 Honda Odyssey and I drove a 2007 Honda Accordboth were paid off so thata#39;s all that mattered to us. Makayla didna#39;t want to have to borrow one of our cars because thatanbsp;...

Title:Diary of a Father
Author:Trevor Murray
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2015-05-28


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