Diagrammatic Representation and Inference

Diagrammatic Representation and Inference

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The Diagrams conference series is concerned with the study of all aspects of diagram use. While diagrammatic representations have been a corner-stone of communicationthroughouthumanhistory, modernmedia aremuchmoregra- ical than those of the past. Recent advances in technologies for information p- sentation - on computers, PDAs and cell-phone screens - have immersed us in a reality that is richly pervaded by diagrammatic representations. The diagrams research community tends to de?ne the term a€œdiagrama€ very broadly. Those studied include familiar notations such as bar charts and line graphs, formally de?ned notations such as Venn diagrams and Peircea€™s exist- tial graphs, and complex representations such as the graphical user interfaces of most modern computer systems. Thus, the conference series attracts researchers from virtually all academic ?elds that are studying the nature of diagrammatic representations.These include disciplines thatstudy humancommunication, - mancognition, computationalsystems, HCI, informationvisualization, pureand applied sciences, education and philosophy, etc. Diagrams2006isthefourtheventinthisconferenceseries, whichwaslaunched in Edinburgh in September 2000, and which has emerged as the major inter- tional conference on this topic. For Diagrams2006 we especially solicited papers in the area of diagrams and educationa€”a topic that includes uses of diagrams in all subject areas and phases of education from primary schools to professional development, and which also concerns education for diagrammatic literacy.Flow Diagrams: Rise and Fall of the First Software Engineering Notation S.J. Morris1 and O.C.Z. Gotel2 1 Department of ... After initial use to define control, flow diagrams became a general purpose tool for planning automated computation atanbsp;...

Title:Diagrammatic Representation and Inference
Author:Dave Barker-Plummer
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-06-22


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