Diagnosis and Management of Pituitary Tumors

Diagnosis and Management of Pituitary Tumors

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Eminent clinicians and specialists thoroughly review in great detail every aspect of pituitary tumors. The topics covered include prolactinomas, somatotroph adenomas, corticotroph adenomas, thyrotroph adenomas, nonfunctioning tumors, pituitary tumors, invasive adenomas, and pituitary carcinomas, as well as lesions, exclusive of pituitary adenomas, that occur in the sellar region. Also discussed are the new methods in endocrine diagnosis, high resolution imaging, receptor-mediated pharmacotherapy, microsurgical techniques, improved methods of radiation delivery, and the development of a precise and physiologically meaningful classification of pituitary tumors. Much-needed and brilliantly multidisciplinary, Diagnosis and Management of Pituitary Tumors offers all those dealing with pituitary cancer patients today's most comprehensive guide to diagnosis and treatment, one whose coordinated treatment strategies have sharply improved long-term survival rates for many patients.Normal tissues, such as white blood cells or nonneoplastic pituitary (A), or a pituitary adenoma (B) DNA is digested ... with digoxigenin or biotin-T labeled nucleotides Reverse * transcription Indirect in situ RT-PCR Reverse Polymerase. In situ o a€”- - -- ---- -- transcription chain reaction hybridization Figure 8-4 Schematic diagram of in situ RT-PCR in tissue sections to detect mRNA with low copy numbers.

Title:Diagnosis and Management of Pituitary Tumors
Author:Kamal Thapar, Kalman Kovacs, Bernd Scheithauer, Ricardo V. Lloyd
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2000-11-09


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