Destroying America - The Real Issues That Politicians Avoid

Destroying America - The Real Issues That Politicians Avoid

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A non-partisan, comprehensive look at the true problems facing our government and society. Why these issues can no longer wait to be addressed, we must get our own house in order. The changes that will be coming at America in the coming years will come from every direction and will pose bigger challenges to our society like nothing before. No longer will we have to only address our own problems, but problems on a global scale. The entire world and global economy is changing more rapidly than ever and our national debt, boomers retiring and social security are only a few of our current domestic problems, which must be solved before we will be ready to take on new challenges. As other major countries industrialize at a rapid pace the challenges to America will be like nothing we are accustomed to. No longer will we be the dominant economic power and getting our affairs in order before these major shifts occur will be paramount to our ability to handle these changes maybe even our survival as a nation.The one from Tesla motors goes from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 185 mph, this is not a golf cart, and it runs on NiMH ... As a testimonial to this all 500 EV1 owners asked to buy their cars at the end of the lease and GM said NO.

Title:Destroying America - The Real Issues That Politicians Avoid
Author:Chris Florio - 2007-11


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