Destiny of Heroes

Destiny of Heroes

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This is a novel for our times following two warriors on separate paths destined to intersect. When John Savage joins the military after 9/11, he never expects his path to intertwine with a dangerous jihadist, but when his Airborne Ranger unit is ambushed by insurgents, John comes face to face with a wanted Al Quaeda operative known as a€œThe Queen of Hearts.a€ Both escape the battle unscathed. Savage returns home to become a police officer in the Midwest. The Queen of Hearts, determined to kill but not die for Allah, is sent to the United States to slaughter a significant target. Their paths cross again, leading John to team up with the FBI in their nationwide search for the terrorist. As they race towards their target, one seeks infamy while the other finds his destinya€”the a€œDestiny of Heroes.a€Use cover; he is armed with a handgun, a€ said John, who now had his own weapon in hand again. He kept the phone to his ... John sprinted to his corner and hunkered down next to the tire of a red Ford ... The shot was on the run, and John heard the tinkle of the taillight glass and the a€œthunka€ of the round burying itself into the frame of the truck. John leaned out and fired quickly, causing Ahmed to abandon his immediate plans of escape and duck for cover behind his car. a€œDamn youanbsp;...

Title:Destiny of Heroes
Author:Dan Marcou
Publisher:Thunder Bay Press - 2013-10-01


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