Destiny in the Fog

Destiny in the Fog

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In the summer of 1960 an extremely dense fog blanketed the Ozark foothills. Pandemonium ensued. The local law enforcement was stretched thin and all the hospitals were filled with patients who ran afoul in the havoc. Edward Kime had no idea that his whole world was about to turn upside down. Driving in his yellow Thunderbird, he gets lost in the gray nothingness on his way to his friend's cabin at Lake Heed, and loses more than just his way. Lloyd Parker also has a problem. He is on the run from the police. In his flight from justice he encounters many new people who know nothing of his past. While battling his own demons, Lloyd's world suddenly collides with Edward's and both their destinies are changed forever. Only divine intervention and the power of love can rescue these two lost souls.Breathless, he stepped behind the barn and patted old Shintzie. He wheezed, a€œ Shintziea€”youra€”goina€”to havea€”to helpa€”me geta€”thata€”purtya€”thing home.a€ * * * * Shintzie, his transportation, was an old car he had found in Montya#39;s junk yardanbsp;...

Title:Destiny in the Fog
Author:Delpha Romeiser
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-04


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