Design Engineer's Reference Guide

Design Engineer's Reference Guide

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Author Keith L. Richards believes that design engineers spend only a small fraction of time actually designing and drawing, and the remainder of their time finding relevant design information for a specific method or problem. He draws on his own experience as a mechanical engineering designer to offer assistance to other practicing and student engineers facing the same struggle. Design Engineer's Reference Guide: Mathematics, Mechanics, and Thermodynamics provides engineers with a roadmap for navigating through common situations or dilemmas. This book starts off by introducing reference information on the coverage of differential and integral calculus, Laplacea€™s transforms, determinants, and matrices. It provides a numerical analysis on numerical methods of integration, Newtona€“Raphsona€™s methods, the Jacobi iterative method, and the Gaussa€“Seidel method. It also contains reference information, as well as examples and illustrations that reinforce the topics of most chapter subjects. A companion to the Design Engineer's Handbook and Design Engineer's Case Studies and Examples, this textbook covers a range of basic engineering concepts and common applications including: a€c Mathematics a€c Numerical analysis a€c Statics and kinematics a€c Mechanical vibrations a€c Control system modeling a€c Basic thermodynamics a€c Fluid mechanics and linkages An entry-level text for students needing to understand the underlying principles before progressing to a more advanced level, Design Engineer's Reference Guide: Mathematics, Mechanics, and Thermodynamics is also a basic reference for mechanical, manufacturing, and design engineers.FIGURE 4.24 Vector product. 4.3.8 vectOR (OR cROss) pROduct 1. The vector product of two vectors (Figure 4.24) is defined as a vector whose magnitude is equal to the product of magnitudes times the sine of the angle between the vectors.

Title:Design Engineer's Reference Guide
Author:Keith L. Richards
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-03-11


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