Desert Woman

Desert Woman

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Eleven-year-old Kelsey Herring loved the stories her father always told; her favorite was a ghost story known as ?The Desert Woman.? When life-changing events occurred, Kelsey and her brother Skyler found themselves moving from the forests and lakes of Michigan to the hot, arid, and rugged country of an Arizona cattle ranch. Here, Kelsey meets the Desert Woman she had always imagined in her father's story. What she discovers is a truth she could never have gleaned from a mere story. What is the message to be learned from the true Desert Woman, and can the amazing things Kelsey learns from her help to heal a heart shattered by tragic events?a€œYou ready to go, little girl?a€ Kelseya#39;s dad came out of the house with an armful of beach towels. Opening the hatch of the Ford Explorer, he tossed them in and reached for the picnic cooler on the ground next to the rear wheel. a€œSure, Daddy.

Title:Desert Woman
Author:Kathleen St. Clair
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2014-10-28


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