Dental Dilemma

Dental Dilemma

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When James Pedersen, DDS graduated from dental school, he knew how to make his own gold castings, build his own porcelain crowns, cast his own partial denture frameworks, weld the fixed bridges together, prepare teeth for crowns and bridges without a chair-side assistant, fabricate full dentures, and pour his own plaster models. Because of his excellent dental education, he knew precisely how all the mechanics of dentistry worked. Dentistry is a multifaceted profession, and in many cases an art form, which also requires extensive medical knowledge, mechanical expertise, manual dexterity, and a kind, gentle, chair-side approach to the patient. He worked standing up for more than thirty-six years. Dental Dilemma is a humorous and pragmatic analysis of the dental profession and its metamorphosis into a highly competitive business. It tells the story of the author's adventures, experiences, and encounters with many California Dental HMO providers. This book includes typical stories that create the dental dilemma for the average patient. The story arrives at conclusions that will encourage the patient to be an intelligent and informed consumer before making a commitment to receive dental treatment that is oftentimes profit oriented. Also included in Dental Dilemma is some sage advice for the new practicing dentist.My Experiences in the Dental Hmo Field Dds James Pedersen ... The participating doctors were paid their honorariums and mileage, were satisfied with the arrangement, and went on their way. ... The Policies and Procedures Manual was continually amended as new problems arose for which the company had no protocol.

Title:Dental Dilemma
Author:Dds James Pedersen
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-03-01


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