Democratic Sports

Democratic Sports

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American public universities suffered tremendous funding cuts during the 1930s, yet they were also responsible for educating increasing numbers of students. The mounting financial troubles, coupled with a perceived increase in the number of a€œradicala€ student activists, contributed to a general sense of crisis on American college campuses. University leaders used their athletic programs to combat this crisis and to preserve a€œtraditionala€ American values and institutions, prescribing different models for men and women. Educators emphasized the competitive nature of mena€™s athletics, seeking to inculcate male college athletes (and their audiences) with individualistic, masculine values in order to reinforce the existing American political and economic systems. In stark contrast, the prevailing model of womena€™s college athletics taught a communal form of democracy. Strongly supported by almost all female athletic leaders, this a€œa girl for every game, and a game for every girla€ model had replaced the more competitive model that had been popular until the 1920s. The new programs denied women individual attention and high-level competition, and they promoted the development of what was considered proper femininity. Whatever larger purposes these programs were intended to serve, they could not have survived without vocal supporters. Democratic Sports tells the important story of how mena€™s and womena€™s college athletic programs survived, and even thrived, during the most challenging decade of the twentieth century.35. for more on the perceived promise and implementation of university- sponsored educational radio programs, see Joan Shelley rubin, The Making of Middlebrow Culture (Chapel Hill: University of ... The perceived berkeley preference for USC over UCLA was sure to rile the UCLA supporters. ... a€œ University of California vs.

Title:Democratic Sports
Author:Brad Austin
Publisher:University of Arkansas Press - 2015-05-01


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