Deeper Into the Void

Deeper Into the Void

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With billions invested in the successful industrialization and militarization of Mars, Badlands Defense Group has sent the first scientific team to the newly constructed glass dome at the base of Olympus Mons. Months of favorable progress reports have been transmitted back; yet, all goes quiet on the 178th day of the 11th Martian year. A single, cryptic message is the only clue to their mysterious disappearance. Years later, the second team arrives, on schedule, to find everything is in its place and in good working order. When they find no sign of the first team, they are prompted to delve into the past. They soon come to realize that no precaution can be taken against that which remains unknown and unseen. When the line that separates reason from madness is blurred, they will each have to find their own way to reconcile with the past and plan for the future. Echoes of dreams and past horrors emerge on the surface of their reality and mingle with present fears. They will be forced to venture ever deeper into the void if they wish to avoid the same fate as the first team.The display that really catches Longa#39;s eye is the solar calendar, which is displayed as a diagram of the solar system. ... A single reflection on the blank sheet of glass overhead draws his eyes slowly from the reflection of the emergency lightsanbsp;...

Title:Deeper Into the Void
Author:Mitchell Duncan
Publisher:Mitchell A Duncan - 2011-11-16


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