Decoding Rahul Gandhi

Decoding Rahul Gandhi

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In a bid to demystify a€˜Brand Rahula€™, Decoding Rahul Gandhi chronicles his political path, which is different from that pursued by his mother Sonia, father Rajiv, and grandmother Indira. Although the 42-year-old Rahul has borrowed a few elements from them, he has carefully and deliberately added new ideas, strategies and practices from the world of business and management. Rahula€™s philosophy is a form of corpo-politics, where management principles are applied to political leadership, and socio-politics, where beliefs in inclusive growth are ingrained in overall strategies. Why have Rahula€™s plans flopped so far? His initiatives to inculcate a€˜internal democracya€™ in the Congressa€™ youth and student wings were well-intentioned, but lacked a clear-cut thrust and have failed to grapple with realpolitik. Decoding Rahul Gandhi is based on dozens of interviews with political actors, members of Rahula€™s team in the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) and National Studentsa€™ Union of India (NSUI), and his friends and acquaintances. Coupled with in-depth reportage of his electoral and political campaigns, the book establishes how Rahula€™s politics is riddled with inconsistencies, symbolism and an opportunistic, rather than committed, engagement with national issues. The book throws light on the factors that have shaped him as a person and politician. It details his working style, which is nearer to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and the role played by the members of his A-Team (which includes Kanishka Singh and Sachin Rao). a€c How did Rahul Gandhia€™s years abroad as a student and as a management consultant influence his politics? a€c What was his much-hyped revamp of the IYC and the NSUI all about? a€c What are the reasons for the Congressa€™ and Rahula€™s humiliating defeat in the 2012 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections? a€c How has he applied global management principles, like a€˜The Toyota Waya€™ and a€˜Bottom of the Pyramida€™, to domestic politics? a€c Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi a€“ what would this mean for India?... she shared with the author. A7220 13222522222 D222a#39;2022227 0fa#39;fia#39; 20220772221 second edition, 2008. a#39;Economics A-Z termsa#39;, 77252022772212a#39;, ... Merrow Golden and Ashleigh Lamming, a#39;Eastern Promisea#39;, M22127, 12 February 2010, from: (PDF version). It is part of the notesanbsp;...

Title:Decoding Rahul Gandhi
Author:Aarthi Ramachandran
Publisher:Westland - 2012


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