Decision and Game Theory for Security

Decision and Game Theory for Security

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Securing complex and networked systems has become increasingly important as these systems play an indispensable role in modern life at the turn of the - formation age. Concurrently, security of ubiquitous communication, data, and computing poses novel research challenges. Security is a multi-faceted problem due to the complexity of underlying hardware, software, and network inter- pendencies as well as human and social factors. It involves decision making on multiple levels and multiple time scales, given the limited resources available to both malicious attackers and administrators defending networked systems. - cision and game theory provides a rich set of analyticalmethods and approaches to address various resource allocation and decision-making problems arising in security. This edited volume contains the contributions presented at the inaugural Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security - GameSec 2010. These 18 articles (12 full and 6 short papers) are thematically categorized into the following six sections: a€“ a€œSecurity investments and planninga€ contains two articles, which present optimization methods for (security) investments when facing adversaries. a€“ a€œPrivacy and anonymitya€ has three articles discussing location privacy, - line anonymity, and economic aspects of privacy. a€“ a€œAdversarial and robust controla€ contains three articles, which investigate security and robustness aspects of control in networks. a€“ a€œNetworksecurityandbotnetsa€hasfourarticlesfocusingondefensivestra- giesagainstbotnetsaswellasdetectionofmaliciousadversariesinnetworks. a€“ a€œAuthorizationandauthenticationa€hasanarticleonpasswordpracticesand another one presenting a game-theoretic authorization model. a€“ a€œTheory and algorithms for securitya€ contains four articles on various th- retic and algorithmic aspects of security.Yahoo! Password Help (September 2010), abuse/password/faq.html 5. Bonneau, J., Preibusch, S.: The password thicket: ... ACS (2009) Prince, B.: Twitter Details Phishing Attacks Behind Password Reset.

Title:Decision and Game Theory for Security
Author:Tansu Alpcan, Levente Buttyán, John S. Baras
Publisher:Springer - 2010-11-23


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