Decapitating the Union

Decapitating the Union

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More than a hundred books have been written on Lincoln's assassination, yet one of the few certainties surrounding his death is the fact that little about it is certain. The literature on the subject is replete with errors, theories and guesswork. This comprehensive re-examination of the facts seeks to correct major and minor errors in the record, reconcile differences of opinion, offer explanations for unknowns and evaluate theories. Drawing on hundreds of sources, the author covers the prelude to the war, Booth's accomplices and their roles in the conspiracy, the kidnapping ruse that concealed the intended decapitation of the government, the mysteries surrounding key players (Parker, Forbes and Cobb), the assassination itself, Booth's escape, the pursuit of the fugitives, the death of Booth and the trial and sentencing of his co-conspirators (except John Surratt) and one innocent man. The simple conspiracy theory is rejected by the author in favor of the theory that Booth worked with the complicity of the highest levels of the Confederate Government and its Secret Service Bureau, whose twofold purpose was retribution and snatching Southern independence from a weakened and chaotic Federal Government.Reeda#39;s report that according to his information, Herold was at Forda#39;s Theatre and as soon as the president was shot, ... A party residing at 333 F Street, near the horse, heard several whistles, from different parts of the neighborhood, apparently answering each other. ... Nicolaya#39;s statement that it was Herolda#39;s duty to attend Booth as page and aid him in his escape.71 14. ... Booth and Herold knew that use of a firearm to kill Johnson was highly impractical, inasmuch as the report wouldanbsp;...

Title:Decapitating the Union
Author:John C. Fazio
Publisher:McFarland - 2015-03-26


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