Dear Fiona

Dear Fiona

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He was a suspected Cold War spy. She became the glamorous KGB double agent in a Bond movie. When a prisoner writes to a movie star, the best he can hope for is a signed photo. But when Alex wrote to Fiona she was beguiled by the artistry of his letters and poems. In this heartfelt memoir, the author recalls-for the first time-her 12 year correspondence with Prisoner 789959 Alexander Alexandrowicz-including his wise counsel about her marriage, divorce and career at the forefront of cinema, TV and theatre. Based on their original letters, the narrative is one of contrasts-about a man in the darkest days of prolonged incarceration and a woman surrounded by the brightest lights imaginable. Shocked by his long sentence, Alex protested his innocence and railed against the system, often from solitary confinement-whilst Fiona Fullerton roamed the world, a celebrity nomad. Dear Fiona is the true story of how two people from social extremes forged a 30 year bond of friendship. It also tells of how they came to rely on each other and the author's search for him after he disappeared. 'Have you ever heard of Nadejda Philaretovna von Meck? She and Tchaikovsky were corresponding for years, they never met-and yet he produced his finest work for her. My finest work shall be for you... It is you alone who has given me strength while I have been in prison, the strength to restore lost and dying hope into burning resolution'. 'Yes, the bond between us will get stronger, Alex. It will never die now. I'll always be here when you need me. I need you too...' Reviews 'Wonderful, fascinating, fantastic' Aled Jones, Good Morning Sunday, BBC Radio 2. 'Poignant, tender and informative, Dear Fiona: Letters from a suspected Soviet Spy is a wonderful collection of letters between two people who, through the power of words, set out to make life that little bit more bearable when darkness called. A powerful and engaging narrative helps showcase the immeasurable talent Alex Alexandrowicz is' 'Compelling, gripping, moving, insightful' Erwin James, Guardian correspondent. 'Makes for compulsive reading' Edward Fitzgerald CBE QC 'A very moving book' John Hostettler... have them sent in, so ita#39;s ok at this end. And a watch, just a cheap onea€“wea#39;re allowed manual wind or automatica€“ ... (At present I borrow a frienda#39;s watch whenever I have to time my courses and essays). What Ia#39;m really praying for is a moveanbsp;...

Title:Dear Fiona
Author:Fiona Fullerton
Publisher:Waterside Press - 2012-09-01


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