Dear Annick

Dear Annick

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'Dear Annick' is a compilation of genuine email correspondence between The Bowrunner, under a handful of aliases, and several advance-fee internet fraudsters working together to attempt to defraud the author of $2, 500. However, The Bowrunner has other plans, and after over a month, it's clear that there will be no exchange of funds, simply rambling emails about how the exchange rate between the Eleventh and the Twenty-first Centuries isn't conducive to making money, and how the author is living an oppressed existence under tyrannical English law. Punctuated by helpful notes on both internet fraud and some of the bizarre, historical deviations, Dear Annick is a consummate coffee table book.Thata#39;s not to say that you shouldna#39;t use more-obscure references, but ita#39;s more fun if therea#39;s a sound story behind them. ... but document templates and usable examples are so widespread via the most basic of Google searches, it would be naAmve to think a ... Oh, and he is banned from international travel, so he doesna#39;t have his passport to hand. But Ia#39;m sure if Annick is insistent, one can be produced . The identity card only needed to be simple, and preferably Anatomy Of A Worthy Fake.

Title:Dear Annick
Author:The Bowrunner - 2014-06-08


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