DEADLY CONFLICT – Beginning of the End

DEADLY CONFLICT – Beginning of the End

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In retaliation against attack by Western Forces, the Iraqi Secret Service has devised a plan to devastate the West a€˜The Beginning of the End.a€™ In a frantic race against time the West launches an operation to stop the death of thousands of innocent civilians. What initially transpired to be a routine counter-terrorism surveillance operation in Iraq escalates dangerously for Will and Vanilla on the trail of their man, when prey turns hunter. Despite the Intelligence Services MI6, NSA and the CIA using technology and parapsychology so secret with devastating results, never revealed to the public, somehow the enemy is only one step behind them and gaining. What also does not help is Will falling hopelessly in love with his colleague and opposite number working for the NSA, the beautiful, talented and very capable Vanilla. An unhelpful combination, when the two intelligence agents are pitting their wits against a dangerous enemy stopping at nothing to destroy them both. A thrilling action packed, explosive, fast moving international espionage - adventure thriller. The first book in the Trilogy of a€˜Deadly Conflicta€™ Espionage thrillers set in the aftermath of post War Iraq, dealing with the horrors of the backlash of Terrorism unleashed! More information about W.J.Hallana€™s exciting novels is available on the website www.wjhallan.comW.J.Hallan. a€œOk, I see him.a€ Vanilla answered, a€œHea#39;s got into the car parked in front. The car is a two tone coloured ... a€œNo problem!a€ Will answered, Vanilla slowed down allowing the Maybach to distance itself from her. Will moved his car forward towards the junction at the top of the cliff. ... almost back on himself, he could not see the Maybach but for a pair of red tail lights, which could have been anyonea#39;s, anbsp;...

Title:DEADLY CONFLICT – Beginning of the End
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2006-07-19


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