Dead Pig Collector

Dead Pig Collector

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As far as Mr Sun is concerned, the heart is just a pump. It's an anatomical fact he knows quite intimately, and essential information for his line of work: murder for hire, and body disposal. Certain jobs, however, make it hard to keep this in mind. Like the one that's brought him from cold, dreary London to sun-soaked Los Angeles, and introduced him to a beautiful and perpetually curious woman who wants to know everything about Mr Sun's methods - despite having been his original target.She lay on her untoned belly in the tank, yellow calloused feet slowly waving in the air, wearing an orange dollar-store bikini thong, and picking at a MacBook Air encrusted in stickers. He soundlessly apologized for his spite, ashamed of theanbsp;...

Title:Dead Pig Collector
Author:Warren Ellis
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-06-20


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