Dead Forever

Dead Forever

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In a distant past, an immortal rebel is mind-washed to wipe his memory of reincarnation, left to believe he is only a body, the urges of which he fails to control until realizing the hints provided by his dreams and subconscious. Rescued by an oddball crew of fellow rebels, he reclaims scraps of memory and launches a mission to locate other victims of the mind-wash from which he escaped, only to learn his comrades are banished to a lonely corner of the galaxy. His quest takes him to a planet where the inhabitants regard him as a god, complicating his efforts to save their world, and his visit leads to a trap devised by his nemesis, who hopes to confine the hero to Earth for eternity. Reincarnated into Cold War America, the hero is unruly as a child, and once an adult, he encounters friends and foes from his past lives, sparking the memory of a decision he made eons earlier that has battled him for lifetimes.Madison tosses mea sturdy leather jacket, thensits on thebeda#39;s edge and laces her boots. In a pocket of the jacket Ifind a pairof riding gloves andtrythem on. ... My awesome bike is not mangled beyond repair, trash at the bottom of a ravine.

Title:Dead Forever
Author:Willian Campbell
Publisher:Glyd-Evans Press - 2014-03-13


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