dBASE-From the Dot Prompt

dBASE-From the Dot Prompt

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This is an introduction to systems programming using dBASE IV as a first programming language. The author uses dBASE IV (version 1.1 or 1.5) because it is the easiest language to learn initially, and applications can be up and running more easily and quickly. This textbook is very easy to use. The results of commands are shown on monitor screens illustrated in the text. Page two begins the creation of a data base with immediate interaction with the computer. Students know exactly what they are doing because of the clear and concise explanations and because they have a view of their screens in the text. If the student's screen does not match, he or she can just backtrack. Little backtracking will be necessary because the language is so exact. The text is self-teaching.Page No, , 1 .01/24/93 vv100100 1100.00 cars 402 ieion_ q .r.;agt; a#39; Subtotal: Category: CAR 01/15/92 410 Sherman a: auto repair: a#39; , ... The screen we see is, of course, a duplicate of Figure 4.46, except that the report form now has the name LEDGERFRM. We want to delete the group we added previously, but before we can do this we must blank out the Group Intro Band and the Group Summary Band.

Title:dBASE-From the Dot Prompt
Author:Warren M. Littlefield
Publisher:SUNY Press -


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