Dawkins' GOD

Dawkins' GOD

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Alister E. McGrath is one of the worlda€™s leading theologians, with a doctorate in the sciences. Richard Dawkins is one of the bestselling popular science writers, with outspoken and controversial views on religion. This fascinating and provoking work is the first book-length response to Dawkinsa€™ ideas, and offers an ideal introduction to the topical issues of science and religion. Addresses fundamental questions about Dawkinsa€™ approach to science and religion: Is the gene actually selfish? Is the blind watchmaker a suitable analogy? Are there other ways of looking at things? Tackles Dawkinsa€™ hostile and controversial views on religion, and examines the religious implications of his scientific ideas, making for a fascinating and provoking debate Written in a very engaging and accessible style, ideal to those approaching scientific and religious issues for the first time Alister McGrath is uniquely qualified to write this book. He is one of the worlda€™s best known and most respected theologians, with a strong research background in molecular biophysics A superb book by one of the worlda€™s leading theologians, which will attract wide interest in the growing popular science market, similar to Susan Blackmorea€™s The Meme Machine (1999).This is the first book-length response to Richard Dawkins, author of some of the most popular scientific works, such as The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker.

Title:Dawkins' GOD
Author:Alister E. McGrath
Publisher:Wiley-Blackwell - 2004-11-30


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