David Buick's Marvelous Motor Car

David Buick's Marvelous Motor Car

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This book qfills a gaping hole in automotive history, q as a University of Michigan business professor noted, as not only the first biography of David Buick, whose last name has appeared on 40 million cars over more than 100 years, and whose car formed the foundation for the creation of General Motors, which for many years was the worlda€™s largest industrial corporation. But, more than that, ita€™s a big part of the story of the birth of the American auto industry, including details about auto pioneers Billy Durant, Charles Nash, Walter Chrysler and Louis Chevrolet, among others. And ita€™s a story qwritten in a popular style thata€™s difficult to put down, q said one reviewer. Another reviewer, recalling that Gustin has written about Buick history for more than 40 years, noted that qIf the question is Buick-related, Larry Gustin has the answer. Hea€™s also an entertaining story teller and accomplished wordsmith.q From his position as automotive editor at the newspaper in Buicka€™s former home town of Flint, and later as Buick PR assistant director, Gustin has been in position to study Buicka€™s heritage for decades. He also tapped other authorities and, for this edition, the knowledge of Kevin Kirbitz, a GM engineering manager whose background makes him an authority on the engineering achievements of David Buick and Buick Motor Co., including the valve-in-head engine that made Buick famous. Back in 1973, Gustin wrote the award-winning and critically acclaimed first biography of William C. Durant, qBilly Durant: Creator of General Motors, q described as a qmasterpieceq by Road a Track magazine and an qexcellent biographyq by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Bruce Catton. In 1980 he teamed with co-author Terry B. Dunham to produce qThe Buick: A Complete History, q which was reprinted in five updated editions from 1985 to 2003. This book was reviewed as qone of the best marque histories ever publishedq by Car Collector magazine. The British magazine Motor Sport called it, qserious history...what historical coverage! What a book!q The updated and expanded edition of qDavid Buicka€™s Marvelous Motor Carq includes about 200 photos, some never previously published, some published for the first time in a century, and a Foreword by Bob Lutz, the legendary automotive leader and recently retired GM vice chairman. The first edition was favorably reviewed by The New York Times, the (Canadian) National Post and other publications.The first biography of David Buick, an important but largely forgotten auto pioneer whose last name has appeared on 40 million cars, and whose car formed the foundation for General Motors - while also telling the story of Billy Durant, the ...

Title:David Buick's Marvelous Motor Car
Author:Lawrence R. Gustin, Bob Lutz, Kevin M. Kirbitz
Publisher:Alfred P Sloan Museum - 2011


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