Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible

Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible

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Dave Pelza€™s Short Game Bible is the first of a four-book series from world-renowned golf guru, Dave Pelz. This bestselling classic features the authora€™s scientifically-proven secrets to lowering scores by improving the short game. The philosophy underpinning the Short Game Bible is as simple as it is revolutionary: Instead of practicing the wrong things the right way, or the right things the wrong way, Pelz shows you how to find your own personal weaknesses and how to improve them to efficiently lower your scores. Packed with all the knowledge, charts and photos needed to learn from the master, Dave Pelza€™s Short Game Bible is the essential book for every golfer looking to improve his or her game. Pelza€™s approach to golf is easy to understand: 80 percent of the strokes golfers lose to par are determined by their play within 100 yards of the green a€“the crucial scoring game. The short game, perhaps the most important and yet least focused-on aspect of golf, can make or break your entire game. Across 13 chapters liberally supplemented by diagrams, illustrations and photos, Pelz dispenses advice on everything from the basics such as score counts, the five games of golf and the mechanics of the short game; to specific advice on distance wedges, the pitch shot, sand shot and short-game equipment. With years of experience invested in his renowned golf schools and clinics, and a raft of endorsements from top players like two-time U.S. Open Chamption Lee Janzen, youa€™ll be hard pushed to find a more comprehensive, educative book on the short game.Dave Pelza#39;s Short Game Bible is the first book in a four-book series, The Dave Pelz Scoring Game Series. The next volume in the series will be Dave Pelza#39;s Putting Bible. aquot;He who rules the short game collects the gold.

Title:Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible
Author:Dave Pelz, James A. Frank
Publisher:Aurum Press - 1999


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