Dale's an Introduction to Social Biology

Dale's an Introduction to Social Biology

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Dale's an Introduction to Social Biology, Fourth Edition deals with the more practical context of teaching modern science in the background of human activity. This book discusses life in the context of dynamic space and evolving time: from Paleontological times to evidence found in blood precipitin test, as well as proof from the variability of plants and animals. This text describes man as animal that needs to maintain its species through sex, inheritance, and reproduction. This book also addresses social hygiene, health, and the history of medicine including diagnostics, germ theory, recognition of vectors of diseases, new curative agents, hospitals, and public health measures. This text describes the function of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and emphasizes the importance of maintaining the balance of nature. This book discusses the social life of animals, human population, human food production, and offers some reason why man has been so successful in terms of survival. This book is intended to be used in general courses in the Sixth Form, for students or academicians connected with psychology, sociology, social biology, education, health education, or interdisciplinary fields.Mostly the books listed amplify sections of a€œAn Introduction to Social Biologya€ and also break fresh ground. ... A series of short essays, not on the structural evolution of man, but upon the evolution of human attributes and such human institutions as war. ... probable trends in such things as medicine; food; agriculture; the relation of chemistry to health, nutrition, and household goods; and many other topics.

Title:Dale's an Introduction to Social Biology
Author:Susan Dale
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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