Daily Meal Planner for Your Child

Daily Meal Planner for Your Child

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Are you looking for a daily meal planner that records what your child eats and how much of the right food your child is getting? Would you want to keep track of your child's health and nutrition with the use of an in-depth nutrition journal that allows you to fully see how well your child is doing in terms of nutrition? Do you have a picky eater and are in need of a daily planner to help you monitor what your picky child eats? Then you would truly enjoy having the book, Daily Meal Planner for your Child: The Efficient Meal Journal for Children. With this meal planner and nutrition journal in one, you would be able to have an in-depth record of the following: 1. Specific food types your child eats for each meal of the day. 2. Estimated amount of calories your child gets per meal and with each food item. 3. How much more calories your child needs to meet his or her daily requirements (perfect for those children who have difficulty putting on or keeping off weight). 4. Your child's reactions and food preferences in the comments section of the planner. We understand that as a parent, your child's well being is your top priority; hence, we developed this nutrition journal and daily planner for you. As everything your child consumes can be recorded and will be available for your review, you won't need to guess if your child is getting the right amount of nutrition to be healthy. Not only is this nutrition journal useful for recording meals, but it is also a planner, which you can use to plan a child's meals ahead of time, a great time saver! This daily planner works well for children, both the very young and those who are already in school. In fact, you might want to grab several copies for each member of the family, including yourself once you see how useful this nutrition journal for children is.This daily planner works well for children, both the very young and those who are already in school.

Title:Daily Meal Planner for Your Child
Author:Spirala Journals
Publisher:Weight A Bit (Health And Fitness) - 2014-04-01


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