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Cutthroat is the name of the game on the electronic frontier. It requires an amoral flexibility with no allies, just alliances; no team loyalties, just self-interest. Strategy forms and dissolves with every play; a smile on the face may mean a knife in the back. In the next round, the players switch sides and do it again. Billions of dollars are at stake.Featuring a bitter struggle between Rupert Murdoch and John Malone, and a supporting cast that includes AJ Gore, Ted Turner, and Bill Gates, author Stephen Keating uses one particular mega-deal that went terribly wrong to reveal how these corporate titans flex market power, crush competition and reap the profits.In 1997, Murdoch's News Corp. joined forces with EchoStar, Charlie Ergen's upstart company, to create a satellite-TV powerhouse -- nicknamed Deathstar. They planned to bunch a cosmic armada of seven satellites that would deliver several hundred TV channels, internet, and retail services to millions of subscribers. How this deal challenged the entrenched cable-TV monopoly before it came crashing down to earth exposes the influence exerted by and through money, power, and political dynamics among the corporate players fighting to rule the communications world. The roots of this dramatic business conflict are revealed through the separate evolution -- and eventual collision -- of cable and satellite TV technologies. Cutthroat is the perfect book for anyone who enjoyed Barbarians at the Gate and Den of Thieves.Cutthroat is the perfect book for anyone who enjoyed Barbarians at the Gate and Den of Thieves.

Author:Stephen Keating
Publisher:Big Earth Publishing - 1999-01-01


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