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A dynamic and ambitious mayor gathers his closest advisors for a fishing trip at the Outer Banks. There they will plan his campaign for governor. Mayor Brandsgard is smart and charming, a homegrown boy from Davenport, Iowa who appears destined for greatness. Joining him are his privileged wife, his attorney, the shrewd political pro who serves as his chief of staff, his brilliant policy wonk and Cutter, his quixotic wordsmith and confidante. They bring with them all the skills and audacity needed to take their mayor to the statehouse...and beyond. They also bring individual baggage--baggage which will impact their collective future. Especially Cutter's. In his captivating debut work, J. Woodburn Barney unites his readers with the human experience--with their own experience--by drawing attention to the percussion of everyday life. Written by someone who has lived a lifetime observing, its pages are filled with revealing internal dialogue, vulnerable human connections and the type of twists life throws at you. With his skilled character development and authentic depiction of human interaction, he creates a familiar and fascinating illustration of the impact that life can have on life. Ultimately, Barney let this story qbe whatever it wanted to be.q Keywords: Outer Banks, Quad Cities, Friendship, Emotional Baggage, Politics, Love Story, Nicknames, VulnerabilityQuiet, sharp and reputedly had, after getting down on all fours, gotten a junkyard dog to whimper and turn tail. A hungry, irritable junk yard dog. No one really believed it had happened. But no one yet had tested the hypothesis that it was notanbsp;...

Author:J. Woodburn Barney
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2015-05-14


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