Customer Segmentation and Clustering Using SAS Enterprise Miner, Second Edition

Customer Segmentation and Clustering Using SAS Enterprise Miner, Second Edition

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In Customer Segmentation and Clustering Using SAS Enterprise Miner, Second Edition, Randy Collica employs SAS Enterprise Miner and the most commonly available techniques for customer relationship management (CRM). You will learn how to segment customers more intelligently and to achieve, or at least get closer to, the one-to-one customer relationship that today's businesses want. Step-by-step examples and exercises clearly illustrate the concepts of segmentation and clustering in the context of CRM. The book is divided into four parts. Part 1 reviews the basics of segmentation and clustering at an introductory level, providing examples from a variety of industries. Part 2 offers an in-depth treatment of segmentation with practical topics such as when and how to update your models and clustering with many attributes. Part 3 goes beyond traditional segmentation practices to introduce recommended strategies for clustering product affinities, handling missing data, and incorporating textual records into your predictive model with SAS Text Miner software. Part 4 takes segmentation to a new level with advanced techniques such as clustering of product associations, developing segmentation scoring models from customer survey data, combining segmentations using ensemble segmentation, and segmentation of customer transactions. Updates to the second edition include four new chapters in Part 4, Chapters 13-16, that introduce new and advanced analytic techniques that can be valuable in many customer segmentation applications. In addition, Chapter 9 has a new section on using the Imputation node in SAS Enterprise Miner to accomplish missing data imputation, compared to PROC MI used in earlier sections of Chapter 9. Also included are business insights and motivations for selection settings and analytical decisions on many of the examples included in this second edition. This straightforward guide will appeal to anyone who seeks to better understand customers or prospective customers. Additionally, professors and students will find the book well suited for a business data mining analytics course in an MBA program or related course of study. You should understand basic statistics, but no prior knowledge of data mining or SAS Enterprise Miner is required. This book is part of the SAS Press program.To do so will cluster documents into themes without the analyst having to read each document and manually classify the documents into an ... As you can see, there are many uses in industry where one can perform a classification according to predefined rules or a set of ... This store has a small delicatessen that offers sausage or meatball subs among other things. ... To do so would be cost prohibitive and the customer would have to search a huge catalog to find the items they desire.

Title:Customer Segmentation and Clustering Using SAS Enterprise Miner, Second Edition
Author:Randy Collica
Publisher:SAS Institute - 2011-11-15


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