Curse of the Snow Dragon

Curse of the Snow Dragon

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Never again, will the world be safe. Even in the guarded sanctuary of one's home, the threat exists. The race to decipher Human genetic DNA, combined with the advent of high-speed computers, the widespread use of the Internet and a passion to carry out world devastation, precisely align to create the deadliest threat ever known to the sanctity of Mankind's existence. Human DNA reads like a computer code. A deranged software genius, driven by a family vendetta, unleashes the Curse of the Snow Dragon across the Internet. This evolutionary, base four coded virus hides in normal binary computer code and uplinks directly off a computer terminal into the human brain. Detective Timber Redstone and the NanoForce find themselves in a desperate race, to stop this deadly computer hacker before he unleashes the full extent of his computer genius on an unsuspecting global population.He gripped the base of the access key with his left hand and inserted the teeth of the key into a slot in the computer keyboard. He twisted the key to unlock the keyboard. He typed in his access code. When prompted, he typed his personalanbsp;...

Title:Curse of the Snow Dragon
Author:Anthony Scheiber
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-04


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