Current Topics in Management

Current Topics in Management

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As the series editor, M. Afalur Rahim points out with justifiable pride, for the past fourteen years Current Topics in Management has provided high quality research and theory on management concerns at the international as well as national levels, and done so through with respect for the universality, collegiality and need for broad involvement. The present volume continues and expands on that tradition, and is predicated on the need for high level interactions between human motivation and organiational performance. While each essay is unique and can stand alone, the volume demonstrates a linkage in four major sections: organiational behavior and performance; strategy, structure, and performance; cognition, common sense, and effectiveness; and entrepreneurship as a whole. This makes possible a unique title for the volume as a whole: Organiational Behavior, Performance, and Effectiveness. This volume takes on innovative dimensions in its own right: the relationship between competence, performance and longevity in issues of social support networks and organiational turnover, the issue of competence destroying technologies that are engulfed by uncertainty, firm performance and cognitive differentiation of tasks, management premises and cellular organiations - both past and present, and wider issues of cognition in the performance of tasks and the design of enterprises. This is in short, a cutting edge volume of potential wide use and interest in a variety of public and private managerial situations. M. Afalur Rahim is the founding editor of the International Journal of Organiational Analysis and International Journal of Conflict Management, author of twenty books and numerous journal articles, and is a University Distinguished Professor at Western Kentucky University.However, language also guides the embodiment process by aiding in the determination of which categories people acquire and thus simulate (Barrett, 2006). Even the meaning of linguistic objects or events is tied to perceptual experienceanbsp;...

Title:Current Topics in Management
Author:M. Afzalur Rahim, M. Rahim
Publisher:Transaction Publishers - 2009-11-01


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