Cultures of Collecting

Cultures of Collecting

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This book traces the psychology, history and theory of the compulsion to collect, focusing not just on the normative collections of the Western canon, but also on collections that reflect a fascination with the qOtherq and the marginal a€“ the ephemeral, exotic, or just plain curious. There are essays on the Neoclassical architect Sir John Soane, Sigmund Freud and Kurt Schwitters, one of the masters of collage. Others examine imperialist encounters with remote cultures a€“ the consquitadors in America in the sixteenth century, and the British in the Pacific in the eighteenth a€“ and the more recent collectors of popular culture, be they of Swatch watches, Elvis Presley memorabilia or of packaging and advertising. With essays by Jean Baudrillard, Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann, Nicholas Thomas, Mieke Bal, John Forrester, John Windsor, Naomi Schor, Susan Stewart, Anthony Alan Shelton, John Elsner, Roger Cardinal and an interview with Robert Opie.... this definition appearsto hold equally for interior decorating, thecomposition ofa wardrobe, and subscribing to ajournalor book series, even for finishing reading abook.Starting an inquiry with a definition ofits subject-matter inevitably leads toanbsp;...

Title:Cultures of Collecting
Author:Roger Cardinal
Publisher:Reaktion Books - 2004-09-02


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