Cubicle Cowboy

Cubicle Cowboy

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Cubicle Cowboy is a bawdy satire about losing one's identity in American corporate culture. The protagonist is so thoroughly brainwashed by the corporate behemoth that he cannot even remember his name at the end of the story. His only vestige of self-consciousness is his employee badge number: 65436. Our hero labors day in and day out, drowning in the monotony of his cubicle culture. In order to ward off insanity, his personal life grows more and more outrageous as he attempts to prove to himself that he is something more than a cog in the machine. He becomes romantically involved with a mysterious and troubled co-worker; he acquires a stripper roommate and drama ensues; he takes physically taxing (and profoundly bibulous) overnight vacations to Mexico and New Orleans. And all of these scenes are transparent attempts to prove that he is alive, which his cubicle and his headset and the absurd bureaucracy of his employer are striving to refute eighty hours per week...Luckily, my very first call proved to be an opportunity to improve my A.C.T. (with the help of Benjamin Goldmana#39;s benevolent tutelage). a€œThanks for ... Would you be interested in purchasing a computer with a credit card instead?a€ a€œHmmanbsp;...

Title:Cubicle Cowboy
Author:Jeff Metzger - 2005-08-01


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