Crossing My Jordan

Crossing My Jordan

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My life begun hard, and it seemed to just become more and more difficult throughout the years. I once lived a life like J.C. Dougard and Elizabeth Smart, but instead of one sexual predator, I had many. They had families to go home to, where I had none, I was forgotten about years, and years ago and pretty much raised myself with only God's guidance since the age of thirteen. I've been exploited, trafficked, raped, held hostage, kidnapped and more! Then God stepped in, when death was almost beating at my door, He stepped in. Sometimes I feel as if my life wasn't planned by me, but by God. Once you read my story I'm sure you'll understand. You see all of my hopes, dreams, and plans for my life became sidetracked long ago, due to many factors, that took away so many of my plans, my dreams for the future. Through it all I've become an amazing woman. Able to stand tall and strong, finding my inspirations along the way, and praising God for all of His Angels, Saints, and Prophets who've come along and saved me, rescued me, carried me, and blessed my life so profoundly with their kind, gentle, caring ways. Do you view human beings as just people, or are you able to experience such a close relationship with God that you can view people as the little Gods they are? Aren't we all supposed to be reflections of Our Lord and Savior? Then why aren't you able to view those people for the Gifts they are? Or are you able to see yourself and others how God sees you? I hope you enjoy the journey of my life, my story, my testimony as much as I enjoyed writing it. My story is a story of tragedy, but yet it is also one full of inspiration, hope, strength, courage, family, and love. But mainly my story is about Life's Lesson's Learned. Enjoy! P.J. Taylor... the money to get my Kia fixed. the bearings had broken in the transmission and i had the transmission overhauled. i had ... werena#39;t the only ones. ia#39;ve had problems with other companies ia#39;ve had to deal with over the past five years due to myanbsp;...

Title:Crossing My Jordan
Author:P.J. Taylor
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-07-28


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