Crossing Clayborn

Crossing Clayborn

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Forty-one-year-old Miami real estate broker Clay Redmond is living the good life. He thinks his plan to retire early is unfolding nicely until his longtime business partner screws him out of his interest in a choice piece of real estate. After he triesa€”and failsa€”to recoup his investment via a nasty court battle, Redmond begins to plot his revenge. Redmonda€™s plan includes not only eliminating his crooked business partner, but also seducing his beautiful and considerably younger wife, Vanessa. As he concocts an elaborate scheme that takes him to the heart of Fidel Castroa€™s Cuba, Santo Domingo, and the Andes Mountains of South America where he conspires with a powerful Spaniard drug lord, Redmond unintentionally falls in love with Vanessa, all while attempting to seek justice and recover his retirement nest egg. But as he presses on into perilous territory, Redmond soon discovers that he is not only the hunter, but also the hunted. In this gripping mystery, a middle-aged real estate broker embarks on a vengeful quest where he must risk everything in an attempt to ensure his former business partner and his cronies receive their comeuppance.... in Santo Domingo, and RamA³n did nothesitate tofollow up with the same curt, unapologetic directness when hespoke. ... The Cuban government, as joint venturer, reserves the other half and will remain anequal partner for permitting furtheranbsp;...

Title:Crossing Clayborn
Author:Robert Willis
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-01-18


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