Critical Approaches to the Study of Higher Education

Critical Approaches to the Study of Higher Education

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Critical theory has much to teach us about higher education. By linking critical models, methods, and research tools with an advocacy-driven vision of the central challenges facing postsecondary researchers and staff, Critical Approaches to the Study of Higher Education makes a significanta€”and long overduea€”contribution to the development of the field. The contributors argue that, far from being overly abstract, critical tools and methods are central to contemporary scholarship and can have practical policy implications when brought to the study of higher education. They argue that critical research design and critical theories help scholars see beyond the normative models and frameworks that have long limited our understanding of students, faculty, institutions, the organization and governance of higher education, and the policies that shape the postsecondary arena. A rigorous and invaluable guide for researchers seeking innovative approaches to higher education and the morass of traditionally functionalist, rational, and neoliberal thinking that mars the field, this book is also essential for instructors who wish to incorporate the lessons of critical scholarship into their course development, curriculum, and pedagogy.Average tuition calculated in constant dollars for instate students increased in public four-year universities between 1982/83 ... 2012), and some state legislatures have attempted to end university redistribution of tuition dollars for financial aid, anbsp;...

Title:Critical Approaches to the Study of Higher Education
Author:Ana M. Martínez-Alemán, Brian Pusser, Estela Mara Bensimon
Publisher:JHU Press - 2015-04-16


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