Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature

Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature

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Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature provides a step-by-step approach to help the reader reach a good level of proficiency in systematic critical appraisal of medical information. To this end, the book covers all the elements that are necessary to develop these skills and is a comprehensive guide to the subject. The book is written in three parts. The first part focuses on the logical justification and the validity of medical information. Its chapters present basic working definitions and discussions on relevant basic topics of statistics and epidemiology. The second part focuses on the complementary aspects of critique, common study designs and articles whose main topics are treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, aetiology, reviews, medical guidelines, audit, and qualitative research. The third part presents some statistical techniques that are commonly used in published articles. Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature is intended for those interested in developing critical appraisal skills such as psychiatric trainees preparing for the Critical Review Paper of the MRCPsych Examination in the UK, other practitioners as part of their preparation for examinations, and medical professionals and students as part of their introduction to aspects of systematic critical appraisal of medical information.This unit is the standard error (SE) or a similar measurement. Once the test result is converted into standard error units, this figure is used to calculate its probability under the null hypothesis. In other words, it is used to get the correspondingp value. It must be pointed ... The best way to deal with this fundamental problem is to observe the requirements of the statistical model on which a test is also based. In other ... These techniques are known as non-parametric or distribution-free tests.

Title:Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature
Author:David Marchevsky
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2000-12-31


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