Crime Seen

Crime Seen

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Some boys are into sport or computer games. Harris Johnston is fascinated by death, especially violent death. Some of his friends and family think he s sick or ghoulish but his uncle Melvin is more sympathetic and helps him to get a work experience placement at the forensics unit in the city.Harris is a typical fifteen-year-old boy without any special detective powers, who solves the mystery through persistence, innate curiosity and sheer good luck. He is not given to analysing his feelings at length, so his reactions to the forensics unit are conveyed through conversations with his work experience supervisor and text messages to his friend Seb.Since Harris has to keep moving around, from the pathology laboratory to the library archives to the grief counselling unit, he decides to focus on collecting information about one particular case an accident that happened ten years ago, killing a truck driver and twelve bus passengers, which still seems to be a touchy subject in the unit. Later, through a mistake in the unit s procedures, Harris accidentally glimpses the body of a murdered girl, an experience which affects him so profoundly that he starts asking questions about her as well. So, when a connection between the two cases emerges, Harris turns out to be the only person who has all the information that is needed to identify the murdererSome boys are into sport or computer games.

Title:Crime Seen
Author:Jenny Pausacker
Publisher:Lothian Children's Books - 2007


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