Creative Genius in Technology

Creative Genius in Technology

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From the 'Fathers' of the Internet, Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, to National Medal of Technology winners, Ray Kurzweil and Bob Metcalfe, listen to stories from the lives of modern day geniuses. Find out how mentors and educators inspired these geniuses to believe in their own powers of the mind and achieve their dreams in technology creativity. In these stories, you will discover that these geniuses are not so different than you. With hard work, the right type of education and a bit of happenstance, you too can achieve the massive levels of creativity and impact on the world these geniuses attained. Change the world! Make a difference! Listen to the stories within this book and discover your own genius within just waiting to escape and shine for the world.a€œI ate a chocolate ice cream cone in 5th grade. Please let me email you that ... Through our computer technologies a€” not through random DNA mutation a€” the next stage of evolutionary transformation will take place. In short, Kurzweil argues anbsp;...

Title:Creative Genius in Technology
Author:Greg Wientjes - 2011-04-01


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