Creative Bible Lessons in Revelation

Creative Bible Lessons in Revelation

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Was the book of Revelation penned by the crazy uncle in the family of Bible writers? You try to convince yourself that the apostle john is just another New Testament writera€“kindly, gentle, loving. You know...normal. But hea€™s just so weird! Most of the time you have no idea what John is talking about in his revelation. When you must interact with his wild, otherworldly book, you escape as soon as you can to familiar, saner Bible texts. Like Matthewa€™s Gospel or one of Paula€™s lettersa€“after all, they straight-up tell you what Jesus did and what you should do! Yet Creative Bible Lessons in Revelation will quickly convince you and your students that St. John wasna€™t so much a crazy guy as he was a visionary, inspirational, and worshipful guy! And you dona€™t have to subscribe to any pre- or post-eschatology theory in order to learn all sorts of good stuff from the apostle. So while these 12 sessionsa€“complete and ready-to-teacha€“wona€™t help your students identify who the antichrist is or give them the coordinates of Armageddona€™s opening salvos, they will, however, acquaint your youth group with the mysterious nature of Revelation, then demonstrate how these apocalyptic principles actually provide practical application for us today. Herea€™s whata€™s inside every session: -Detailed overviews for clear, convenient prepping. -Intriguing activities and games-with-a-point that introduce that sessiona€™s topic. -Hardcore Bible studies and provocative questions that trigger dialogue in both large and small groups. -Application exercises that translate Johna€™s visions into practical, attainable actions and attitudes for studentsa€™ daily lives. Plus, youa€™ll get these bonuses: -Leta€™s Get Theologicala€“lite intros to the various interpretations of the reactions to the events Revelation predicts -More More Morea€“helpful supplements to activities and discussions -Worthy of Worshipa€“top-drawer suggestions for turning ordinary youth meetings into extraordinary times of praising God. Questions about the future lurk in everyonea€™s mindsa€“especially in the minds of teenagers. Now is your chance to explore the book of Revelation with your studentsa€“to glimpse at the never-ending worship to come, to grab hold of Goda€™s promises and his mercy, and to bring some ease to troubled hearts.According to the instruction manual, whata#39;s the recommended motor oil weight for a 1993 Honda Civic? (If you were to use this question, you would need to make sure you have a 1993 Honda Civic parked nearby, with its doors unlocked andanbsp;...

Title:Creative Bible Lessons in Revelation
Author:Randy Southern
Publisher:Zondervan - 2009-08-08


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