Cracking the Wine Case

Cracking the Wine Case

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Should Christians Drink Alcoholic Beverages? Did God Make Wine for Our Enjoyment? Was Jesus the Miracle-Working Bartender in John 2? These questions have been debated for centuries, but what is the truth? In this book, the author takes the reader on an unforgettable journey that unlocks the ancient secrets and Scriptures that are necessary to explain these tough questions. Along this road, you will travel to a wedding reception where children drink beer and where pastors hold qchurchq at bars. It's a wild ride that's insightful, humorous and educational. If you've ever asked if drinking is permitted for Christians, you'll want this book in your library. Discover the Manners and Customs of the Ancients for a More Complete and Necessary Background on the Drinking Issue Over 240 Pages and 150 cultural notes Every Major Scripture Passage in the Drinking Controversy is Scrutinized Study Questions at the End of Every Chapter Endorsed by Christian Leaders, Professionals and Universities Special Chapters for those Addicted to AlcoholComparing wine of the past to modern-made wine that has alcohol added to it is like comparing an ancient camel-drawn chariot to a Dodge Viper. There is very little to compare. Please notice that this is only one place in Scripture whereanbsp;...

Title:Cracking the Wine Case
Author:Scott E. Smith
Publisher:Scott Smith - 2010-04


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