Cracking The Java Interviews (Java 8), 3rd Edition

Cracking The Java Interviews (Java 8), 3rd Edition

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This book attempts to address common interview questions faced by a Java interviewee in Indian IT Industry, specifically investment banks a product companies Topics Covered In This Book include - Java Concepts, Core Java 8, Algorithms a Data Structures, Concurrency Problems, Design Problems, Hibernate, Spring and RESTWhat is difference between intrinsic synchronization and explicit locking using Lock ? ... else { // perform alternative actions } Intrinsic synchronization Explicit Locking using Lock and Condition a€c Its easy to use technique with ... Lock has to be released manually in a finally block once we have modified the protected state 1anbsp;...

Title:Cracking The Java Interviews (Java 8), 3rd Edition
Author:Munish Chandel
Publisher:Munish Chandel - 2015-01-01


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