Cowboys, Yogis, and One-Legged Ski Bums

Cowboys, Yogis, and One-Legged Ski Bums

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Cowboys, Yogis, and One-legged Ski Bums is a compilation of Don Morreale's popular YourHub/ articles about the life and times of contemporary Coloradans. In addition to people who have somehow managed to triumph over extremely difficult circumstances, he writes about artists, athletes, thinkers, helpers, seekers, and ordinary folks smitten with peculiar passions. His stories uncover a rich cultural tapestry hidden in plain sight at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains.Thata#39;s what happened to John Baumann, a Denver social worker with a jones for travela€”big travel, as in Tierra del Fuego and back. And not on an ... a€œKids who were malnourished, some with broken bones, twoa€”and three-year-olds beaten to death. It was very, very ... a€œMy social studies teacher, Mr. Gagliano, liked to spice up his lectures with stories about animal migrations, a€ he said. a€œThis put it in myanbsp;...

Title:Cowboys, Yogis, and One-Legged Ski Bums
Author:Don Morreale
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-05


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