Counterintuitive Marketing

Counterintuitive Marketing

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Why does American business seem to sputter along where it ought to thrive? What is the source of the current plague of downsizing, disappearing companies, dot-com crashes, and here-today-gone-tomorrow advertising campaigns? Why do more products flop than ever before? Marketing experts Kevin J. Clancy and Peter C. Krieg have the answers. In Counterintuitive Marketing, Clancy and Krieg trace the high rate of business failure back to bad marketing strategy, and the even worse implementation of that strategy. Excess testosterone, they argue, compels senior managers to make decisions intuitively, instinctively, quickly, and, unfortunately, disastrously. In this informative and enlightening book, Clancy and Krieg confront these qover-and-over-againq marketers, who don't have time to do it right the first time, but endless time and a company bankroll to do it wrong over and over again. The authors draw from their decades of consumer and business-to-business marketing experience to describe the intuitive decision-making practices that permeate business today, and demonstrate how these practices lead to disappointing performance. Chapter by chapter, Counterintuitive Marketing contrasts how marketing decisions are made today with how they should be made. The authors give equal treatment to targeting, positioning, product development, pricing, customer service, e-commerce, marketing planning, implementation, and more as they present counterintuitive ideas for building and introducing blockbuster marketing programs. Readers will discover in this iconoclastic treasure chest hundreds of penetrating insights that have enabled the authors' firm, Copernicus, to transform companies and become a qbrand guardianq to the Fortune 500 and emerging businesses around the world. The tools to create exceptional marketing programs really do exist, and they are all here in Counterintuitive Marketing, the ultimate practical guide for any company of any size.... Foot Locker, 137 Ford Motor Co., 6, 228, 236 Forecasts, affective and cognitive measures to improve, 178a€“180 Forrester Research, 234 ... Russell, 310 Harley- Davidson, 28 Hartford insurance, 314a€“315 Hassett, Kevin, 5 Healthy Choice, 110 Hefty trash bags, 110 Hershey ... 291 questions CEOs need to answer, 329a€“330 rushing, problems with, 288a€“289 steps for successful, 292a€“293 time and 340 Index.

Title:Counterintuitive Marketing
Author:Peter C. Krieg, Kevin J. Clancy
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2001-02-21


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