Counterinsurgency Field Manual

Counterinsurgency Field Manual

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The Counterinsurgency Field Manual, written in 2006, is a guide for the Army and Marine Corps to all counterinsurgency tactics and operations, designed for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. The first manual on counterinsurgency in 20 years for the Army and 25 years for the Marines, this book contains information on intelligence, integration of civilian activities, campaign design, execution, security, and sustainability, among other things. A fascinating read for anyone interested in military history and tactics. The U.S. ARMY TRAINING AND DOCTRINE COMMAND, also known as TRADOC, was founded in 1973, to train the soldiers and civilian leaders of the U.S. Army, to develop operational policy, and to anticipate future operational needs of the Army. The U.S. MARINE CORPS COMBAT DEVELOPMENT COMMAND is responsible for training and indoctrinating the Marine Corps, cultivating war fighting abilities to make marines ready for combat. Training areas include leadership, education, organization, and requirements development.U. S. Army, U. S. Marine Corps. Chapter 8 ... Because of this, more than ever before, the man in logistics has to be first, a soldier, in the full sense of the word, and yet at the same time he has to know his MOS so that he can do his logistics job.

Title:Counterinsurgency Field Manual
Author:U. S. Army, U. S. Marine Corps
Publisher:Cosimo, Inc. - 2010-01-01


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