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This book may seem upon the surface and through its pages, light and fluffy. Filled with rainbows, flowers and sunshine. Some may think it unrealistic, superfluous and indulgent... a fantasy land - within this serious world of form. A society stamped urgent... where the clock is boss; and the practiced smiles of many have numbed them sufficiently - of delight, fun and child-like escape into imagination. But this, my gentle word a€“ stems from a deeper need. To communicate a message to the many who struggle. For those who have lived with their private pain, grappled with fear, and every method fails... For those for whom happiness seems an elusive prize, or a distant memory. For others, who have built a shield so strong it will not yield... hiding behind their fortress walls, second-guessing themselves... For those who cannot come out to play - because theya€™re too busy crying... For those who are angry or seek to intimidate... to mask their own fear. Try this: It is do-able... it is possible. Wipe the slate clean, forgive all... and step forward into the future. Delete the old files, for today is a fresh new start. Monsters dona€™t exist! Fear is just a self-imposed barrier... blocking our path. Forget your baggage, travel light... find your inner compass and re-chart your course. Choose positive language and thought. Obstacles will melt away, as you sail smoothly towards your bliss. Remember your happiest dream? What was it that made you smile? Now is the time. Open your heart to embrace life. You are in charge now... YOU are running the programme. Widen your scope of vision - to see the bigger picture. Zoom out, refocus... and see more than you ever expected. Trust. Magic will unfold in your life. Smile a€“ and re-connect yourself to the Network.This book may seem upon the surface and through its pages, light and fluffy.

Author:Alexandra Dennis
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2011-02-04


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