Corvette - The Great American Sports Car

Corvette - The Great American Sports Car

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The King of Cool It seems impossible. At one time, the Corvette was the car that almost nobody wanted. When it first surfaced for the 1953 model year, the cars were rough-riding, underpowered, and lacking in the qfitq and qfinishq that buyers of refined roadsters would normally expect. Through six generations and major makeovers, Chevy's European-inspired rocket has outperformed and outlasted the competition. There is no other car that enjoys such a rabid fan following, and no car is more instantly recognizable, regardless of the year. In Corvette: The Great American Sports Car, accomplished automotive author John Gunnell provides a year-by-year examination of the Corvette's evolution. With more than 225 photos and fact-filled biographies of every production Corvette ever built, Corvette: The Great American Sports Car is a handy, colorful, authoritative reference sure to appeal to any Corvette lover.Two details marked the 1985 Corvette as being different from its newly-restyled 1984 predecessor. The first detail was a ... Mounted ahead of the radiator, it ducted incoming air into the plenum through a Bosch hot-wire mass-airflow sensor.

Title:Corvette - The Great American Sports Car
Author:Staff of Old Cars Weekly
Publisher:Krause Publications - 2010-10-01


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