Corporate Navigation - Charting your Success

Corporate Navigation - Charting your Success

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Corporate Navigation - Charting Your Success is designed to help readers understand the importance of preparing for success after theya€™ve landed their corporate dream job. It prepares young adults to embrace the real world, build self-confidence, enhance awareness, and promote personal and professional growth and achievement. Using an easy-to-read format, which is my trademark, Corporate Navigation - Charting Your Success empowers young adults in the corporate workforce with knowledge and important life skills necessary to successfully and responsibly evolve into a life of independence, and to make meaningful contributions to their communities. As an energetic and goal-oriented young adult, you need the right tools to make the most of your corporate experience to achieve your career goals in an ever-changing world. Corporate Navigation - Charting Your Success offers straight talk and gives practical strategies for success both in and out of the workplace. It will support your professional development and help you strive for success. Specially, this guide will give you practical advice and guidance on: ? Maximizing your time and increasing productivity; ? Building bonds and mutually beneficial relationships; ? Mastering the art of business etiquette; ? Building a solid financial portfolio; ? Balancing performance and politics; ? Leveraging cultural diversity; ? Managing work and life balance And most of all: ? Ensuring professional growth and longevity in the corporate workforce. Corporate Navigation a€“ Charting Your Success introduces and demonstrates the necessity for strong business skills needed to succeed in the business world, regardless of the field or profession being pursued. Being able to share my experiences, lessons learned, and personal career techniques with college students and those entering the professional workforce is a motivating factor in my life. At the end of each chapter, I will share real life examples and personal moments specific to the topic to show you how the circle of life really works.Please leave a brief message indicating the nature of your call, and Iwill return your call as soon as possible.a€ Once your voicemail has been set up, be sure to check it often a€c and delete old or insignificant messages. This will eliminate theanbsp;...

Title:Corporate Navigation - Charting your Success
Author:La Shawn B. Kelley
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-05-11


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