Copper Dragons

Copper Dragons

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When an unspeakable tragedy destroys Jennifer Bergina€™s happy rural life, she finds herself alone in a torrential sea of manic depression. Disoriented and confused in her self-imposed solitude, Jennifer hides from a past that she would sooner forget. Her mind is being flooded by memories and retrocognitive visions; of a blood stained statue; of a woman slowly deteriorating in a mental institution; of a young girl who was robbed of her youth - now trapped and tortured by a demonic creature. As Jennifer slips further from reality, she faces a fear greater than anything she has ever imagined; an urban legend - in the form of a charismatic gentleman - has unearthed himself to seduce her weakened soul and lay waste to her already ravaged sanity. The ghost of Nicholas Feragamo is manipulating Jennifera€™s dreams into nightmares, and using her to commit sinister acts of aggression against herself and the unsuspecting people of the little town of Honey Brook, Pennsylvania. Some say she suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, others suggest she is possessed, but one thing is certain a€“ Jennifera€™s life is hanging in the balance between reality and an ever encroaching darkness. Her only chance of survival is her estranged husband, Sean, who must pull her from the icy grasp of a dead mana€™s passion. To do this, he will have to unravel the mystery behind Jennifera€™s past and uncover the legend of a man known as the Incubus.foot jumped instinctively on brake pedal at the sight of the glowing taillights in front of her. The squeal of the rubber ... The car turned to the right, avoiding the edge of the bumper on the Mitsubishi Eclipse by inches. The front tires slid to a haltanbsp;...

Title:Copper Dragons
Author:Timothy Cole
Publisher:Author House - 2010-08-06


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